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For almost a decade, we've scoured our communities for amazing people and brands. We've brought you the stories on, and now we're bringing you the products.

We've launched our shop with three collections (with new ones being added each week!): HiFi Cookies, Anderson Design Group Prints and Thistle Farms. You can also shop our specially curated items in the SB Collection and Be Kind Do Good. Click through to the collections below to shop and learn more!

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These unique cookies are the perfect back-to-school gift! Or oder ahead for a special holiday delivery. Made with love out of Nashville, TN.

Handmade prints featuring the Great Smoky Mountains, the Solar Eclipse, Southern Sayings, the Beach, and Cabin & Lake — available in two sizes.

Thistle Farms, a nonprofit social enterprise, believes that #LOVEHEALS. Try their lotions and candles to see why their products are so cherished.

BKDG stands for Be Kind Do Good, a sentiment we feel needs a little more emphasis these days. Help spread this positive message with these products!

We've partnered with brands around the country to bring you SB-approved products that we love. The SB Collection items will rotate seasonally.

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