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A'propos Day Spa: Cold & Sinus Body Butter - SB Shop

A'propos Day Spa: Cold & Sinus Body Butter

A'propos Day Spa

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If your sinuses clog and drain and create pressure between or directly over your eyes, this is what you need! The Cold & Sinus Body Butter is a way to get some amazing naturopathic, topical ingredients!

How to Use:

Rub a small amount on the bottoms of your feet, the back of your neck, your chest, temples and across your forehead (be careful to keep out of your eyes). Then, place a dab under (not in) your nose and rub your hands together, cupping over your nose to breathe in deeply. You should feel a warming and cooling effect begin. Some people have sensitivities to Eucalyptus, so try on a small area of skin before using on the face. Wash hands well afterwards. Made in the USA