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SINCE 1920 Hat

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Product Details:

  • Embroidered with '1920' in 3D white stitching 
  • Unisex Hat
  • Adjustable strap with slide closure on the back
  • 100% cotton
The SINCE 1920 story: On August 18, 1920, our country ratified the 19th Amendment of our Constitution, recognizing the voice of women in this country with their right to vote.  Then, the fight waged on to ensure that this constitutional right applied to all men and women, regardless of race and in which state one lived. We celebrate the milestones that have gotten us to today, and recognize the battles we still fight, with every ballot cast.
No matter where on the political spectrum you may be, one thing we can all agree on is that women's voices should be heard. Our SINCE 1920 line was created to bring all women together under this premise as we fully embrace the power of women uniting together to bring about change.
Made for all ages, wear this hat with pride and when someone asks what it stands for, let them know!