Charleston Rice Bead Necklace (Shiny Silver)

Candy Shop Vintage

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Scouring antiques stores and flea markets for inspiration and vintage treasures, Candy Shop Vintage designer Deirdre Zahl occasionally came across long, flapper style bead chains from the 1970’s. She bought them up only to discover they were a style known as Charleston Rice Beads. The shape and texture of the beads pay homage to the port city’s history – an economy founded on rice that helped establish an important cultural center in the Southeast and the United States.

Charleston Rice Beads are imbued with the spirit of the modern Charleston girl – a creative and independent adventuress. These fabulous beads, re-imagined by Candy Shop Vintage, are meant to be worn at different lengths, wrapped in different ways, and even stacked as bracelets. Trade them, share them, and give them away. 

Product Details:

  • Brass chain plated in a high-grade, tarnish-proof rhodium finish
  • 5' in length – can be doubled, tripled or worn as a bracelet
  • Comes in signature drawstring bag

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