Cape Town Collar Necklace

Cape Town Collar Necklace

Twine & Twig

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Inspired by their love for the outdoors, sisters Elizabeth White and Jacquelyn Buckner created Twine & Twig to showcase the beauty of nature through handcrafted jewelry. Based in Charlotte, NC, Twine & Twig's jewelry is uniquely crafted to encapsulate their vision. A portion of their proceeds are donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation and many other charitable organizations.

There are only 5 of each color available for this necklace!

Product Details:

  • Designed with re-purposed glass beads hand painted by local African Artisans
  • Available in Black & White, Grey, Ivory and Moroccan
  • The Cape Town Collar is approximately 22"- 24" long
  • Please reference diagram to best gauge necklace length. 

All pieces are handcrafted individually for each order and will ship within 8 days of the order date. Thank you for your patience!

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