HiFi Cookies: The Hits Assortment

HiFi Cookies: The Hits Assortment

Hifi Cookies

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Founded in 2016 by couple Sean Newsome and Kristin Kennedy, HiFi Cookies is a Nashville-based cookie company, specializing in creative and delicious confections. HiFi cookies are inspired by classic childhood treats, like Cocoa Krispies and Cosmic Brownies, and named after music's greats, from David Bowie to Biggie Smalls. 

Make this holiday season a little bit sweeter by giving the gift of HiFi Cookies. SB has teamed up with HiFi Cookies to offer "The Hits" box, an assortment of 12 of HiFi's top-selling cookies, in four varieties.

  • "Etta" – peanut butter cookie, Cap'n crunch brittle, peanut butter chips
  • "Marvin" – pretzel and potato chip cookie, chocolate and butterscotch chips, toffee
  • "Bowie" – funfetti cookie, white chocolate chips
  • "Johnny" – chocolate cookie, cacao nibs and Cocoa Krispie crunch, dark chocolate chips

Product Details:

  • Box of 12 cookies in four varieties, three of each kind
  • Cookies are individually wrapped
  • Order by Monday, December 17, 2018 for delivery by Christmas.