Mission Mercantile Card Wallet

Mission Mercantile Card Wallet

Mission Mercantile

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Mission Mercantile features products that are 100% full-grain vegetable-tanned leather goods. All Mission Mercantile products are made for many lifetimes, designed to improve with age, accumulating distinction and character as future heirlooms worthy of being passed down for generations.

The calling or visiting card was once an essential instrument of social etiquette among the higher classes. The business card, introduced first as a trade card in 17th century London, supplanted its printed forbearer in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, remaining a ubiquitous cultural staple even this far into the Digital Revolution.

Whatever cards you might collect or dispense now, tomorrow, and well into the future, this lined chrome/vegetable re-tanned leather card case will carry them with ageless distinction. Or this simple, handsome piece works well as a compact front pocket wallet, boasting a vintage detail cribbed from a 1920’s model: a nifty token pocket for tiny treasures.

Product details:

  • Bi-fold design
  • 4 pocket areas for cards
  • 1 small pocket for coins or tokens
  • Full grain chrome/veg retan leather
  • Gray cotton lining
  • 3" Length x .25" Depth x 4" Height
  • 1.7 oz.

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