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Navy Hill: Four 4-Packs Ginger Soda + Tonic

Navy Hill

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Product Information

Sometimes tonic can be too sweet and club soda is not enough, so founders Jenny Lucas and Katie Williams created Navy Hill - a line of premium mixers that blend club soda plus tonic to create the first to market "sonic". They are committed to keeping Navy Hill authentic and exceptional, choosing to cut calories (not corners) Thoughtful flavor combinations, added electrolytes. This small-batch mixer from Richmond, Virginia is packed with care.

The ginger soda + tonic contains only 17 calories and 5 grams of sugar per cocktail plus added electrolytes to keep you hydrated while you drink. Pairs well with your spirit of choice! Makes a delicious lighter Moscow Mule.

Product Details: 

  • Package contains four 4-packs of 8.45oz glass bottles
  • Ships within 2 days 
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