NEWLY: Ziggurat Blanket


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Product Information

NEWLY was started by five friends who identified what they believed to be a serious problem — not enough high-quality consumer goods were being made with recycled content. Too many times the consumer was forced to make a decision between style and sustainability.

They set out to prove that both can co-exist, and they have done just that!

They searched around the world and found sources for 100% recycled materials to craft beautiful home goods. And, these blankets are so soft and sturdy. You will enjoy them for years to come!

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Even Gilgamesh would be jealous of this 'epic' blanket... Sorry. And yet, with this blanket's one-of-a-kind design - landing somewhere between a line-step and a chevron - we decided to give a titular nod to the eponymous icon of ancient Mesopotamia.

Product Details:

  • Made from 51% recycled cotton, 12 water-bottles worth of plastic, and unbelievably soft.
  • Custom woven for NEWLY in California USA.
  • 50" X 60"