Ranger Station: Leather + Pine Reed Diffuser

Ranger Station: Leather + Pine Reed Diffuser

Ranger Station

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Ranger Station is a small team luxury brand partnering with social enterprise to create high-end fragrance products for both men and women. Their goal is to provide you with an aromatic experience that both grounds you and transcends the confines of your daily life. Each candle is created in reusable cocktail glasses and hand-poured in Nashville by the women survivors of Thistle Farms to support their mission to heal, empower, and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.

If you’ve ever wandered into a pine forest, you likely carried its scent home with you. Inspired by that unique experience and Ranger Station's own trips to the Minnesota North Woods, Leather + Pine is a coniferous fragrance designed to make you feel closer to the forest line, no matter how far you stray from it. With base notes of inky leather oil and aromatic frasier fir, layered with cedarwood and saddle soap, the resulting scent is warm and clean, with a touch of tree-sap sweetness.

  • Top Notes: Fresh Evergreen, Marine Accord, Moss
  • Middle Notes: Clove, Churned Earth, Pine Sap
  • Base Notes: Leather, Ambrox, Blue Musk

Product Details:

  • Hand-mixed to order in Nashville, TN
  • Lasts 3 Months