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Southern Fried Design Barn

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The world is scary right now. Here at StyleBlueprint, we are dedicated to spreading positivity and offering a light in the middle of this storm. With this in mind, we have created three care packages meant to send a "hug" to those you love while practicing social distancing. Right now, hugs are off-limits so send one instead! 

The "Big Hug" care package includes two Southern Fried Design Barn kitchen towels that read "Life is tough, darlin' but so are you." Keep one for yourself & gift one to a friend or gift both to two friends that could use some love.

With this purchase, you will not only will you give a loved one a much-needed smile, but you will also support a small business! Now, more than ever, small businesses need your help. We thank you, they thank you and together, we will make it through this!