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The world is scary right now. Here at StyleBlueprint, we are dedicated to spreading positivity and offering a light in the middle of this storm. With this in mind, we have created three care packages meant to send a "hug" to those you love while practicing social distancing. Right now, hugs are off-limits so send one instead! 

The "Mini Hug" care package includes your choice of one Southern Fried Design Barn zippered pouch. Each shares a message we can all relate to right now.

  • "Life is tough, darlin' but so are you"
  • "Jesus Please Help this Hot Mess"
  • "Lord Please Give this Nurse Patience for all of My Patients" This one is perfect for the Nurse in your life! 
  • Flowers are not included in this purchase. 

With this purchase, you will not only will you give a loved one a much-needed smile, but you will also support a small business! Now, more than ever, small businesses need your help. We thank you, they thank you and together, we will make it through this!