Therapy Systems: Rx for Lips

Therapy Systems: Rx for Lips

Therapy Systems

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In 1990, Linda Roberts, the CEO of the company and visionary behind Private Edition and The Cosmetic Market, decided to create a focused skincare line that was effective, affordable and easy to use. Therapy Systems is a full line of premium, small batch products: skincare, makeup and the widely popular Therapy Systems’ collections. All of these products contain safe, active ingredients and provide long-lasting results. Therapy Systems is truly the original southern cult beauty brand.

This paraben–free vitamin rich lip treatment aids in protecting, healing, and moisturizing your lips!

Apply desired amount onto lips as often as needed. For use as a lip-gloss, apply over your favorite lipstick. For treatment of fine lines in the lip area, work lip treatment into the areas above and below the lips at bedtime.