WigWag Dog Collar

WigWag Dog Collar


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WigWag Dog Company strives to create pet products with a level of quality rivaled by no one else in the industry. They have matched state of the art material with sound U.S. molding techniques to produce collars, they deem, “one of a kind”. The addition of solid brass hardware has given these durable collars an elegant sense of charm. Man’s best friend deserves the best. 

These waterproof, odor-proof products dog collars are bright and durable. They are designed for the active pup, and they will certainly make them stand out!

Product Details:

  • Available in brick red, classic blue, emerald green, honeysuckle pink, chocolate, and blaze orange
  • High resistance to oil and dirt
  • Outstanding strength, toughness and flexibility
  • Resistant to fresh and salt water cracking 
  • Sizing:
    • Petite: 9" – 12" neck size, 3/4" width
    • Small: 12" – 15" neck size, 1" width
    • 1" Medium: 14" – 19" neck size, 1" width
    • 1.25" Medium: 14" – 19" neck size, 1 1/4" width
    • Large: 18" – 23" neck size, 1 1/4" width

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